Visi dan Misi

Vision :

  1. To be an outstanding Accounting undergraduate program that is credible and globally oriented, prioritizing experiential learning in the educational process. We aim to produce graduates with a high level of creativity, innovation, care, and professionalism.

Mission : 

  1. Conduct education with an integrated learning system closely linked to a robust business environment. This approach is supported by a balanced blend of theoretical and practical concepts, delivered by educators with both academic and practical backgrounds.
  2.  Foster an academic atmosphere that supports the achievement of high-quality competencies among students, enabling them to compete effectively on a global scale.
  3.  Engage in research activities within the field of accounting that benefit society, serving as a reference point for the development of knowledge and understanding in the discipline.
  4.  Contribute to community service initiatives related to accounting, aiming to promote the establishment of a civil society and support the realization of a community-oriented society.

Objectives :

  1. Produce Accounting graduates with high levels of confidence, ethical values, competence, and a strong sense of spirituality and devotion to the Almighty.
  2. Produce Accounting graduates who are competent both in conceptual understanding and practical skills, enabling them to compete effectively at both national and global levels.